Welcome to the content creator’s home


Live a life of your own! No more sales, promotions, or stressing about payments. Focus on what you do best: writing and creating content. The Smoothly Network brings together entrepreneurs and freelancers from around the world who are passionate about content creation. You can create content remotely for Smoothly’s exciting clients in various industries. The Smoothly service meets clients’ ongoing marketing needs instead of short projects. Each of our content creators has a different skill set, and thanks to our team model, no problem goes unsolved.

Smoothly content creators work remotely around the globe.

Is Smoothly Network for me?

✔️ My passion is content creation, not customer acquisition
✔️ I want to work 20-80h per month with Smoothly clients
✔️ I have practical experience in content creation
✔️ I'm fluent in switching between different text genres and tones of voice
✔️ I am interested in creating content in Finnish and English
✔️ I like to spend my working day with Canva, WordPress or MailChimp
✔️ My superpower is getting the client's idea into explicit and beautiful content
✔️ I like to choose where I work - on my couch, at my favorite coffee shop, or even at the foot of a palm tree


In Smoothly Network you create content to Smoothly's customers.

What does Smoothly Network have to offer?

Cooperation model

As a Smoothly content creator, you jump straight into our ready-made collaboration model. You don't have to spend time finding clients and proving your expertise. You'll meet the client for the first time in a video meeting, where you'll go through the content calendar and tasks for the following weeks. Our collaboration model includes ready-made processes and tools to deliver rewarding work efficiently and with high quality. You and the client have the ongoing support of the Smoothly Network and Customer Success teams at your disposal.

Smoothly Network connects content creators from around the world.

Remote community

Become part of our warm community. On our platform, you can ask for help with your marketing challenges and discuss issues that interest you. We're keen to share things like pictures of our pets, book tips, and have coffee meetings together - sometimes with yoga. We offer our community benefits such as discounts on our customers' products and services.

As a Smoothly content creator you work remotely from home.

Smoothly Academy & Digitools

We have built a comprehensive set of digital training and tools for the Smoothly Network. It helps you develop your skills and improve your work - when it suits you best.