I was about to graduate with a degree in business administration and start evening studies in media, so I wanted to find a flexible job where I could use the marketing skills I had gained in business studies.

Working at Smoothly has turned out to be an absolute dream come true for me, a creative marketer and student. You can really use creativity with your work, and you can work anytime, anywhere. I enjoy starting the day with a hurry-free breakfast and a dog walk, and then gradually getting to work when I feel like it. My regular working day includes designing and implementing content for websites, blogs and newsletters, as well as being in contact with my clients and teammates.

My time at Smoothly has taught me a wide range of new things about producing text and visual content and working with corporate clients. I’ve enjoyed being able to use a lot of the visual skills I learned from the media industry at Smoothly. For example, I’ve done visuals for social media, graphic design work and photography. I was also able to count my work at Smoothly as part of my professional training during my studies.

Smoothly’s warm community and teammates have been priceless support. The team system allows for flexible work sharing, and the teammates are supportive and always ready to help. Everyone is welcomed as themselves, so it was easy to feel part of the community right from the start.