I wanted more flexibility in my working hours and the possibility to work completely remotely. Smoothly’s atmosphere, large network and interesting clients sounded like the perfect opportunity, and so it has been! 

My days range from writing newsletters to publishing social media posts and managing websites. My absolute favorite things are the variety of tasks, working independently and the freedom to choose my own working hours. I can start my day by meeting a friend at the gym in the morning, having lunch out between meetings, or working in the evening if I feel like it. This type of working style suits me like a glove, as I’m a real DIY person outside of work, with many projects on the go all the time. I paint paintings on commission, help organize events or run jewelry classes for small groups. Flexibility in my work is important to me!

At Smoothly, I’ve learned a lot of new things with every training and client. Every time I get a new client, I get to learn about different fields of work and get a glimpse into their everyday life. How lucky am I to work in such a diverse working environment!