Throughout my career so far, I have worked in customer service roles that have required an on-site presence. During my studies, I switched to remote studies due to the pandemic, and that’s when I realised that remote working was the perfect fit for me. Smoothly gave me the opportunity to do all this – but also the work community I missed being around. Smoothly Network offers remote working and colleagues in one package!

My working days at Smoothly are varied and diverse – no days are the same, which is what it’s all about. During the workdays, I write blogs, newsletters, and social media posts or have meetings with clients. I usually start my day with a gym session and an unhurried breakfast. During my lunch break, I might watch an episode of my favourite TV show or take the dog for a run outside to enjoy the fresh air.  Sometimes I work in the evening if I have a busy schedule during the day. I’m completely in love with the freedom this type of work gives me. I don’t remember being as happy and stress-free at work as I am at Smoothly.  It suits me that there is no separate work and leisure time, but that the two intertwine in a certain way. Partly, the work also feels like a hobby when the desire to learn something new is really high!

I’ve learned a lot about different clients and business models at Smoothly. In addition, the up-to-date trainings inspires me to maintain my professional skills in a completely different way than before. I feel lucky to work with Smoothly Network and development of my own career path!