How do I delegate tasks to my Smoothly team

Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajatiimi vastaa markkinoinnin rutiinitehtävistä. Delegating tasks frees up valuable time for other tasks and therefore drives the business forward. Delegation is especially important when a task is not part of your job description, the time allocated to complete it is insufficient or the task feels challenging. Delegating routine tasks that are outside your area of expertise requires courage and confidence, but it is an important skill for the success of your business. You don’t have to do everything yourself, nor should you.

For example, you can delegate these marketing tasks:

  • Social media updates and interactions
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Creating and updating content calendars
  • Creating content for paid social media campaigns
  • Writing articles, newsletters and blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Proofreading texts
  • Updating websites


You can agree on ways and tasks to delegate with your Smoothly team. You can delegate tasks in any way you choose, for example during a weekly meeting, or by email and messaging. You can delegate tasks to your Smoothly team according to your needs – we can always add new assistants or content creators as your workload grows.