How does Smoothly gain access to my marketing tools?

Smoothly Customer Success Manager will be your contact throughout the collaboration. At the beginning, the Customer Success Manager will invite you to a kick-off meeting. In the meeting, we will double-check the content of the contract ie tasks, working hours, and required systems needed in cooperation.

In the kick-off meeting, the Customer Success Manager will teach you to use all our systems and help you to give us access to the tools we need. These can include social media channels, a website platform, and a newsletter service. If you do not yet have a program that is relevant to the task, such as a newsletter service, our Customer Success Manager will help you set up one. Through Smoothly, you get a shared Google Drive folder with your content creator team. Together with your team, you can share all the collaboration materials, such as brand guidelines, content calendar, and post drafts there. This keeps the files organized and easily accessible to all parties.

Smoothlylla on käytössä modernit työkalut markkinointirutiinien suorittamiseen.