How to delegate blog posts and content creation?

Where social media plays a bigger role to inform current affairs, the blog artiles deeps into these themes. A blog works as a publishing platform when you want to tell about your own products and services, for example. Blog articles related to your business and industry are a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Smoothly content creators handle marketing routine tasks, such as writing blog articles for your business. At the beginning of the collaboration, your content creator team creates a content calendar and keeps it up to date throughout the collaboration. In the content calendar you can see when it is time to publish next blog article. Common publicaton time is once or twice a month.

The delegation of a blog article takes place through four stages: brainstorming, writing and reviewing the text, publishing, and marketing.

Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajatiimi kirjoittaa yrityksesi blogiartikkelit.

1. Brainstorming

If you have ready to use topics in mind, you may delegate writing about these topics to your content creator  who will be responsible for writing the article. Your content creator can also help you come up with news ideas. Having a brainstorming session together with your team helps you to brainstorm ideas. We use keyword analysis and other methods that can help to create relevant articles to your business. It is good to categorize topic ideas to use them in future articles.

2. Writing and finalizing the text

Choose the topic and deadline for the first draft together with your Smoothly team. You can give your content creator a list of bullet points or other material to support their writing process. A content creator is a professional writer who can write an article even if they are not familiar with the industry. They can learn about the field through news, blogs and other content.

The deadline for the first draft should be set early enough before the publication date so that you have enough time to read it and give feedback for your content creator. At this point you should check that the writing style is suitable for your business, facts are correct and the subject has been dealt with in sufficient depth. You can add your own views to the text to pass on your expertise to the reader. Also, give your content creators feedback so they know what’s good in the text and what to pay attention to in the following posts.

Smoothlyn sisällöntuottaja kijoittaa yrityksesi blogiartikkelit.

3. Publishing the article

It often takes more time to finalize the publications of the first blog articles, but once the industry becomes familiar and the appropriate writing style and perspective is found, the articles will be completed surprisingly quickly. Therefore, it is worth spending enough time on the first articles to make the delegation run more smoothly in the future.

When working on your first blog post, make sure your content creator has access to a publishing platform and other necessary tools, such as a brand book and an image bank. Your content creator can select images, set keywords and categories, and optimize text for search engines before publishing.

4. Marketing the article

Once the blog article is published, of course, you want people to find it. You may want to share your blog post on your social media channels or link it to the newsletter your customers will receive from you. You may ask your content creator’s help marketing your blog article, or delegate social media posts and newsletters to them.