How to delegate social media

Social media plays an important role in a company’s image. Nowadays, you can even think of social media as your company’s own business card. Social media platforms are accessible to everyone, easy to find and use by customers to search for information about your company. Active social media channels attract customers, lead them to the company’s website and even guide them to make a purchase decision.

With Smoothly, you can delegate social media tasks to your content creators. Together with your chosen content creator, you’ll work through the social media channels, topics and implementation you need.

Delegoi sosiaalisen median työtehtävät sisällöntuottajatiimillesi.

1. Social media channels

Every business should have a dedicated social media platform where it is worthwhile to operate for that particular industry. At Smoothly, we’ll help you choose the right channel for your business and produce channel-specific content for it. Once you’ve shared access to your platform with your content creator, we can start publishing.

2. Getting to know the data

After the allocation of access rights, your content creator will access any existing analytics. We’ll identify the best publishing times, learn about the best performing publishing themes, impressions and accounts reached. We identify potential development challenges and create solutions.

Tutustu yrityksesi sosiaalisen median analytiikkaan Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajasi opastuksella.

3. Content

Together with your content creator, we will go through the objectives, target groups and content topics for your channels. We agree on a common “tone of voice” for social media, and what your company wants to communicate through social media. You’ll also go through interaction topics such as commenting and responding to customer messages.

4. Content calendar

At the start of your partnership, Smoothly will share a common Drive environment with you and your content creator. Within the agreed framework, our content creator will create content ideas in a content calendar, where they will be able to monitor the scheduling, planning and efficiency of publications. This allows you to work together to manage and create future publications, schedules and content. The content calendar helps you to decide on a suitable updating schedule, which is recommended to be regular.

5. Approval & monitoring

Each publication is approved by the client. Your content creator will send you a draft of the publication well in advance of the publication date, giving you time to make changes to the text and images if you wish. Once approved, the content is ready for publication. Your content creator will monitor the results of the publication: likes, comments, shares, as well as clicks, visibility and engagement. If you wish, you can ask your content creator to build a report on your channel analytics.