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smoothly & Materflow

Founded in 2013, Materflow is one of the leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology service providers in the Nordics. Their clients operate in the industrial sector with ambitions to develop their products, supply chains, and processes toward more profitable and sustainable solutions. In addition to 3D printing services, the business helps its customers utilize the potential of additive manufacturing in their business operations, product development, and design and engineering processes.

Materflow’s content marketing bottleneck has been the flow of regular high-quality blog articles about trends and topics affecting their industry.


The beginning of cooperation

As often with highly specialized expert businesses, Materflow also had concerns while choosing a marketing partner. How would an outsider be able to produce high-quality content in terms of substance, which would also address the readers with the company’s tone of voice? How much time and work does cooperation require from the manager?

Sami Mattila, chief designer and founder of Materflow, described the kickoff:

-We already had several experiences with traditional marketing agencies. The processes have been heavy, and the integration has taken time before we progressed to actual results. Even after the start, we have often had to work more without getting high-quality content that looks precisely like “ours.” So I was interested in trying a new kind of marketing solution.

Materflow’s cooperation with Smoothly started a few days later in the implementation meeting organized by Smoothly’s Customer Success Manager. In the meeting, the customer presented the company, and planned the content style and needs with the help of a questionnaire.

-I particularly liked the agile nature of Smoothly’s concept and the fact that I didn’t have any risks. I was able to test the service flexibly and ensure the quality of the content. If I hadn’t been satisfied, I could have unsubscribed during the trial period, says Mattila.


Straightforward process and dialogue

After the implementation, the customer could connect directly with their chosen Smoothly content providers, Ronja and Nina, through the Smoothly digital interface. One of the essential things in any collaboration is enabling accessible communication. There are two levels of dialogue with Smoothly’s content creators to suit each client’s style – through Smoothly’s collaborative platform or through short weekly meetings scheduled in the calendar.

The introduction of Smoothly is designed to be easy and agile.

This step often fails with traditional marketing agencies, freelancers, or in-house recruitments. So we must make the client’s life as easy as possible. With Smoothly’s process, you quickly transfer must-have materials, such as Brand Books, to the cloud when collaboration begins,” says Jarkko Aaltonen, CEO of Smoothly.

Materflow’s Mattila also agrees and finds the initial phase of cooperation easy:

“It was effortless. I put all the materials in a folder, and it was easy to start immediately. Somehow, I assumed the collaboration would need more energy and time.”

I have worked with three marketing agencies with whom the onboarding phase took much longer. In addition, the quality of the content was nowhere near the level of Smoothly.


Bringing out high-quality content


The first content assignment for Materflow was to produce a blog article about a new production material for 3D printing. A week after the service went live, the client received their first full article produced by Smoothly.

Smoothly’s content producers are excellent writers, and we share the know-how to use machine learning-based writing technologies. These technologies support our creators in gathering relevant information on even the most challenging topics, proofreading, and structuring the text to fit the client’s needs best. As a result, we can produce content exceptionally quickly, cost-effectively, and with high quality compared to traditional solutions, adds Jarkko Aaltonen from Smoothly.

Materflow’s content team delivers the content to the client, who can make edits or request clarification before publication. Check-up round is based on a joint agreement, as content providers can produce content directly for the channels.

-The produced content was already excellent in the first draft, and the article only required the correction of one technical term. Thenceforth, the blog was ready for publication, says Mattila.


As the cooperation continues, Materflow will effortlessly receive high-quality content to publish with Ronja and Nina. 

I have worked with three marketing agencies with whom the onboarding phase took much longer. In addition, the quality of the content was nowhere near the level of Smoothly,” says Mattila, adding: 

“I am happy and surprised at how little time and energy the collaboration needs, and I will keep getting quality content for our company’s communications. Smoothly’s solution has taken marketing content production to a new level”. 



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