What is a content calendar

The content calendar is a tool shared by the content creator and the company to plan future publications and their dates. The content calendar is a useful way to keep track of where, when and what is published.

The content calendar helps you plan the entire content production process, even months in advance. The calendar allows the whole team to track and manage the workload and process from start to publication. By tracking the number of likes, comments and followers reached, you can monitor the profitability of your content after publication. Which publications have generated the most discussion? What is the most ideal time to publish?

What are your goals? In the content calendar, you and your content creator can set your channel-specific goals, which define your target audience, content and publishing rate. For example, you may want to acquire leads, drive traffic to your website or increase your number of followers. 

You can write down ideas and thoughts on different topics for future publications. When designing the content calendar, feel free to come up with ideas for themed publications, articles, current topics or monthly series. 

There are many types of content calendar templates, but at least these things should be mentioned:

  • On which channel will the publication be posted – LinkedIn, Facebook?
  • What content will be published – newsletters, social media posts, blog posts?
  • When to publish – tracking will help you determine the “hottest publishing times” for your channel.
  • What is the goal of the channel?

Start filling in your content calendar! With Smoothly as your content creator, you’ll be able to create a structured and functional calendar for your business.