Smoothly makes subscribing quality content modern, easy and affordable

Smoothlyn etätyössä yhteydenpito hoituu helposti teknologiaa hyödyntäen.

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is king”. He believed that content would come to define all business in the future.

We are living that future today.

Whether it’s a blog post, a newsletter, a social media post, or a website landing page, every business needs to create quality content to grow its business.

The solutions for producing content in a scalable and organized way are non-existent in the enterprise. We have faced chaos of people, tools, and processes, and challenges in writing and publishing content in every company and organization. Efficiency is low and no one is happy. Quality content is not coming out fast and regularly enough.

Smoothly is all about people, surrounded by technology

Smoothly solves the long-lasting marketing problem by making the creation and publishing of quality content modern and affordable. We’ve built a content creation infrastructure that allows companies to scale content creation, and increase marketing efficiency in a reliable way. This efficiency ultimately leads to growth and greater marketing value for the business.

Engage customers with interactive content.

What makes traditional marketing solutions challenging?

We understand the challenge of using skilled freelance writers, the complexity of traditional recruitment, and the cost of using marketing agencies for day-to-day marketing. Recruiting good and competent people is time-consuming, expensive, and involves a lot of risks. Working with freelancers requires a lot of research on the part of the client, and creates a bottleneck in the availability of individuals. Marketing agencies are good strategic partners but have not built the infrastructure to deliver content creation in a cost-effective way. Once these options have been explored, often the solution is to try to do it on your own. However, by doing it yourself, you lose a lot of other business and marketing development opportunities, and time from your own expertise.

We recognize that existing solutions are not perfect. That’s why we built a modern, digital service for content creation and the delegation of marketing routines that solves the day-to-day marketing challenges companies face.

Tehosta työaikaasi delegoimalla rutiinitehtäviä tiimillesi.

Why do businesses and marketing experts love Smoothly?

Smoothly is already a community of over 100 content creators – marketing freelancers, entrepreneurs, and content professionals who are passionate about what they do. We have a broad understanding of different industries and the marketing needs of businesses. We use a collaborative approach to match you with the most appropriate content producers, so you as a customer can focus on what matters – which channels you need quality content for next.

  1. Save your time and effort in finding the right people by tapping into our extensive content creator network of the most trusted and appropriate content creators.
  2. Your familiar content creators will be available to you whenever you need them. Our content creators use the most powerful technologies and machine learning to provide you with a faster, higher quality, and more affordable service than traditional solutions.
  3. We’ve made content creation and the delegation of marketing routines customer-centric and easy. Smoothly’s content creators integrate with the communication and marketing tools you use, and you can transparently track your service usage on Smoothly’s digital platform.
  4. Flexible monthly pricing based on the actual use of the service. You pay for the service according to usage, by subscribing to individual content needs, or by using familiar content creators on a regular basis in your daily marketing routine.
  5. You define the content need, we produce it. Very straightforward and easy.

Hundreds of companies are already using Smoothly as a marketing tool. Try now the flexibility to produce content and delegate marketing routines without notice.

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