Social Media Growth – Understand Your Audience’s Needs and Reach Them

Social Media

Social media is a crucial tool for brands to connect with their target audience. To succeed in the social media jungle, it’s important to understand your audience, their needs, and to engage with them in the right way at the right time.

According to Hootsuite, brands have decreased their usage of platforms such as X (-7%), Pinterest (-11%), and slightly Facebook (-1%) in 2023. TikTok’s popularity has surged by 16%, LinkedIn by 5%, and Instagram by 1%. YouTube’s popularity remains unchanged.

TikTok’s popularity has rapidly increased, attracting older users and organizations. However, the platform also generates mixed opinions.


Here Are Some Social Media Strategies to Try:

Reach Your Target Audience on the Right Platforms
Choose your platforms based on your audience, but also challenge assumptions. If your audience consists of professionals in a certain field, it would be outdated to assume they can only be found on LinkedIn. Increasingly, you’ll find them on platforms like Instagram, Threads, and TikTok as well.

Alternatively, it’s OK to focus entirely on one platform and invest fully in it!

Build a Humanized Brand
Social media provides an opportunity to humanize your organization and give it a face. Every buyer, even in B2B, is a human and is interested in relatable individuals. Avoid impersonal corporate jargon! On social media, you can shape your narrative authentically and virtually showcase what collaboration or partnership with your company would be like.

Foster Conversation
Successful social media engagement goes beyond weekly monologues. Follow industry leaders, potential clients, and discussions happening on social media. Like, share, engage in trends, and ask your audience questions.

Personal contributions on social media are twice as effective in gaining visibility and desired outcomes (Source: Oktopost 2022). So, involve your employees in social media activities and give space for your experts by sharing content from their public, personal accounts. LinkedIn recently introduced sponsored employee posts!

Cultivate Employer and Expert Image
A sustainably successful company needs more than just buyers. You probably want to create positive impressions for future talents or investors, and ideally, earn media coverage or speak at leading industry forums. All this is possible by demonstrating fresh perspectives, thought leadership, and the realities behind your operations.

Increase Visibility with Regular Content
Ensuring organic visibility through search engine optimization is part of everyday business for every company. Although Google has mentioned several times that social media likes, favorites, shares, and links are not directly evaluated factors in page SEO, there is a clear connection between social activity and search engine rankings.



Don’t Fear to Dive in with a Low Threshold
Engaging in a social media challenge, for example, can be liberating. Not everything needs to be meticulously planned. Sometimes, it’s best to brainstorm with others and try things boldly. Your Smoothly team is happy to assist here!

Don’t Hesitate to Showcase Your Expertise
Boldly present your own thoughts and opinions, even with a low threshold. Social media is also a sales channel where selling happens subtly between the lines. Showcase your products, customer references, and events you participate in.

Don’t Forget About Social Media Between Posts
Monitor how your posts perform and respond to comments. Also, regularly spend time comparing analytics: you’ll quickly identify characteristics of good content.

If growth seems sluggish and you’re the only one liking your posts, increase interaction by expanding your audience. Also, involve your employees in the effort and schedule professional social media time for them.


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