Fincap’s Marketing Manager receives support from Smoothly

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FinCap is the most versatile player in the Finnish real estate sector, offering services consisting of core activities in real estate development and asset management. In addition to more than 100 completed properties and real estate investments, FinCap is responsible for property management and valuation, investor sales, and manages up to 2,500 apartments. 

FinCap’s need for Smoothly’s freelance content creation platform arose from the marketing manager’s need to free up her time from daily content creation and publishing to develop marketing. The goal was to find an agile and flexible way to support regular content production as a previous in-house resource moved on to new responsibilities.


A busy marketing manager gets support for regular social media posts

A key element of FinCap’s communication is to showcase the latest and upcoming real estate and residential projects through visually striking content. The focus is on quality, modernity, and comfort.

Marketing Manager Marjo Pirhonen says that she searched for social media content creation in particular: high-quality content, consistent style of communication across channels, and regularity to keep up with the desired publishing pace. With Smoothly, FinCap has been able to produce engaging and branded content for an increasing number of followers.

– Smoothly solved this exact need, says Pirhonen.

She says that working with more traditional marketing agencies was never an option:

– I see traditional advertising agencies as rigid in creating content, so they were not an option for us. You have to be an agile player here, constantly adapting to the client’s needs.

Regularity and adherence to the agreed publishing pace are made easy with Smoothly’s content production platform, which enables FinCap to quickly assign work to familiar content creators who understand the industry. In addition, Smoothly helps to turn previously unimaginative ideas into concrete content in no time.

FinCap's Marketing Manager thinks marketing service needs to be agile.

Effortless cooperation with simple and clear policies

Smoothly is not only a platform for excellent freelance content creators but also for collaboration, making it easy for clients to start working together, commissioning content, and communicating with a team of content creators.

Pirhonen says that these practices make it easy to work with Smoothly: 

– Short weekly 15-minute meetings and communication through the collaboration channel with our content creators have been very effective.

Smoothly has transparent collaboration policies.

A common question is how much and what materials it requires to start working with Smoothly so that content creators understand the company’s communication style.

– In the Smoothly onboarding meeting, I could distribute our company’s essential communication materials, such as the Brand Book, and necessary access rights to our media channels. Smoothly’s customer service was also helpful in the early stages of channel sharing. Our content creators quickly caught on to our style after the launch. They began producing content that looked like ours. It is published directly on our channels.

Pirhonen also feels that Smoothly lights the daily content burden and makes the rhythm of marketing more efficient:

– Providing service also makes things more and more rigid. Smoothly remind me of the following content and coordinates collaboration. Our content creators are active collaborators and work with transparent policies.


Smoothly combines familiar and modern freelance content creators based on industry knowledge and selected content types for countless companies in different industries.

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