E-commerce pioneer Jimm’s PC Store’s marketing team creates content using Smoothly

Jimm’s PC-Store is a Finnish online store specializing in information technology, components, and consumer electronics. It has been a pioneer in Finnish ICT retailing since 1992. Today, Jimm’s employs more than 60 people in Finland and has a wide range of specialized IT components in Finland.

Jimm’s’ need for Smoothly’s modern content creation platform arose from the marketing team’s need to improve the content’s consistency across different social media channels, their website, and other marketing materials and to increase the regularity of quality content across multiple media channels.


Smoothly streamlines the daily content workload of marketing

Jimm’s communication and marketing focus on engaging product descriptions, banner ads, and article content, among other things. The key to all content is to showcase expertise in an understandable, bite-sized way that is of real value to the reader. With Smoothly, Jimm’s produces blog and article content, newsletters, social media posts, and graphic and visual banners and elements. In collaboration with Smoothly, the company’s tone of voice harmonized across a wide range of content.

For Jimm’s, Smoothly has served as the content creation engine for the marketing content throughout the collaboration. An extensive network of content producers, a transparent collaboration model, and efficient modern content production technologies have made this possible.

It is challenging and laborious to build similar cost efficiencies in marketing production into a company’s in-house team, where it makes sense to focus in-house resources on strategy and solve the day-to-day content production by buying as a service.

Jimm's PC Store receives extra hands for content creation from Smoothly.

Before starting the service, the question was how external content providers could pass on their specific industry expertise. E-Commerce Manager Antti Salmilahti also thought about this.

– Of course we wondered how well the external player would have our ICT industry understanding and terminology or industry-related contact surface. Content is the most visible part of our company, by which people identify us. Would new people be able to articulate the nature of the profession and the company correctly?

Salmilahti feels that companies often need to be more relaxed with their communication:
It’s important to remember that the reader and end user, especially in our case, is often an ordinary consumer who wants information in a straightforward and down-to-earth way, without highly technical terms. Still, mastering certain terms helps to stay on the same page. This way, cooperation goes smoothly, and we do not waste time going through the basics.

In general, Jimm’s have had a positive experience with Smoothly.

– From the start, we were convinced that Smoothly already had a network of more than 100 content creators who understand our industry, good practices for sharing our company’s communication style and tone of voice, and good digital processes for communicating and commissioning content.


An agile and modern way to support your marketing team

Working with marketing agencies is often more difficult, Salmilahti says, because they want to do it all themselves from start to finish and rebrand, which Jimm’s didn’t need to do.

– We need an agile and customer-centric solution that allows us to deliver content and increase visibility. Smoothly is a flexible, customer-focused, and cost-effective solution to this need.

When working with individual freelancers, Salmilahti sees the problem of scalability. One person is limited by their knowledge and availability, while a whole community of content creators works behind Smoothly. In addition, Smoothly’s model solves the burden of traditional freelance work on the client: if a single freelancer faces obstacles or holidays, production is interrupted. With Smoothly, production is continuous and guaranteed with the team of content creators.

Smoothly executes content creation ideas for several businesses.

Salmilahti feels that Smoothly has solved the needs of their marketing team:

– The service helps us a lot. We have extra hands to produce more content while we can renew and streamline our marketing. We publish marketing materials regularly in the same wave!


Smoothly combines familiar and modern freelance content creators based on industry knowledge and selected content types for countless companies in different industries.

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