What other marketing routines can I delegate with Smoothly?

The most common marketing tasks that Smoothly’s content creators are responsible for are maintaining a content calendar, creating social media posts and managing social media channels, such as responding to comments and private messages, and creating newsletters and blog articles. There are also many other tasks where we can help you.

1Building and updating a website

Most companies want to invest in websites and design the content carefully during the building phase of the site. However, updating the page may be forgotten among other tasks. Your named Smoothly team will help you to check your site information is up to date. They can proofread the texts and update them on your website. A content creator can also help you build a whole new website if you need to make big changes on the site or you are starting to build your first website.

Voit delegoida verkkosivun päivitystyöt Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajatiimillesi.

2. Translations

Does your company operate in the international market or does your customer base consist of people other than English speakers? Your Smoothly team will handle the translation of the website or privacy statement for you. The most common translation language is Finnish, but our competent network also includes experts in many other languages, such as Swedish, Spanish and Indonesian.

3. Graphic design

Your content creator helps you design presentation materials, case studies, and business cards, for example. Our team uses qualified design tools and we can guarantee their work is professional.

Voit delegoida markkinoinnin rutiinitehtäviä Smoothlylle monipuolisesti.

4. Paid advertising

Need more boost for your social media post? Our team also has strong expertise in paid advertising on social media channels. Your content creator team will help you plan and execute your ad campaign.

5. Podcasts

Does your company regularly publish its own talking program? Your content creators can listen to the episode and help you write the title and description before publishing it. You save a lot of your own time and get an outside perspective on the content you publish.

6. Press releases

Your content creator team will help you write and proofread official press releases.

Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajaverkostossa on lukuisia markkinoinnin ammattilaisia auttamassa sinua.

We have over 100 content creators in our network with diverse expertise in a variety of roles and industries. If you did not find the job description that meets your needs above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see how we can help you.