Why Doesn’t Artificial Intelligence Replace Human-Generated Content?


Marketing professionals often hear the question: Could a customer generate content themselves using AI? While AI is a valuable tool, it does not replace human creativity, experience, and intuition. AI is an excellent servant but a poor master, and the best content for your business cannot be created with AI alone.

AI has made significant strides in various fields, including marketing and communication. A study by Bynder (2023) explored how marketers use AI technology in their daily tasks. The results show that more than half of the respondents use AI to support content marketing. Common uses include drafting, content optimization, spelling and grammar checks, and summarizing.

Smoothly’s content creators utilize AI extensively in their work and are often asked whether a customer could just generate articles themselves. Although AI is capable, it cannot fully replace human creativity, experience, and intuition in content creation.

AI is an excellent servant but a poor master. You still need a human who understands processes to use it effectively!


The Best Content Can’t Be Created with AI Alone

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, driven by trends, cultural shifts, and technological advancements. Humans have a unique ability to adapt quickly, think outside the box, and come up with innovative solutions. While AI can process vast amounts of data and identify trends, it cannot predict and respond to changes as humans can. Genuine content creators bring trend awareness and authentic ideation to the table.

While AI can assist in planning and speed up production, it does not fully understand your market or recommend the optimal content type. It cannot replace humans in certain critical areas of content creation, such as:

  • Case Studies: Require a deep understanding of the client’s needs and context. Prospective clients want to read about others’ experiences with your product or service. This challenge is addressed with customer stories that AI cannot produce alone.
  • Interview-Based Articles: Require the ability to interpret and present the interviewee’s emotions and thoughts, which demands human empathy and communication skills. AI cannot capture the depth of human experiences and emotions, which are crucial for creating impactful content.
  • Localization into Different Languages: Involves not just translating the language but also considering cultural nuances. This is essential to ensure your content resonates with the right target audience, rather than producing a generic, somehow understandable text.

AI Doesn’t Get Subtle References and Organizational Language

Human language is full of subtleties and context-bound meanings that AI struggles to grasp. Communication professionals navigate these nuances effectively. A joke or culturally specific reference might be understood within a certain audience, but AI may fail, leading to misunderstandings. The ability to interpret and adapt to contexts is a human trait essential for successful content creation.

Every company has its unique voice and personality that must consistently reflect in all communications. Creating and maintaining this voice requires an understanding of values, mission, and the target audience. While AI can help maintain consistency by following predefined guidelines, it cannot embed the same level of authenticity as a human.

Authenticity is key to building trust among customers and search engines. Additionally, for smaller languages like Nordic languages, AI’s usage is more limited, and translation errors are common.



Marketing and communication professionals often face questions that require moral judgment. Decisions demand a kind of discernment that AI still lacks. Humans are needed to navigate the ethical landscape of marketing and ensure that the produced content is not only effective but also responsible. According to a Europol report, experts estimate that by 2026, up to 90% of online content could be AI-generated. At the same time, it must be remembered that few AI tools are secure.

AI is, however, an unbeatable tool, especially in content creation. It provides assistance to streamline work and improve quality. To be effective and convincing, however, irreplaceable human elements are needed, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, contextual understanding, and authenticity.

Only humans can bring humanity to content.

This article was created through the collaboration of an experienced content creator and AI.


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