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Produce and regularly publish quality content for different marketing channels as a service with a community of over 100 content creators

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Smoothly is the most cost-effective content creation solution for marketing teams and businesses

Reduce the burden of producing and publishing social media posts, blog articles, newsletters and other content and increase the efficiency of your daily marketing routine.
Produce contents with the help of over 100 content creators.

A wide network of content creators at your disposal

The Smoothly service combines industry-specific insights into writing and content creation. Smoothly is part of your team, with no extra costs or employer obligations.

Smoothly publisesh contents to your desired marketing channels.

Personalized content for your business

With a ready-made collaboration model and service, you can easily share your company's communication style with familiar content creators, so you always get the content you want.

Professional content creators work remotely.

The most powerful modern tools in use

Smoothly's content creators use the most powerful tools and machine learning to support content creation, which makes the service faster and more cost-effective than an in-house team or external freelancers.

Smoothly content creators are top marketing professionals.

Access the expertise of content creators as a service

Smoothly already operates with a passionate and skilled community of over 100 people. The Smoothly community is selected through a rigorous application process, matching you with content creators who understand your industry and your business needs.

Onboarding is easy and fast

1. Define content assignments in the Smoothly platform

Leave content needs for articles, blogs, newsletters, and social media posts to familiar content creators.

2. Smoothly produces content

Smoothly's content creators perform an information search and produce content using powerful tools.

3. Smoothly publishes your content

We will publish the content by the agreed date in the desired channels. If the content needs corrections or final adjustments, we will make them in no time.

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Customer testimonials

“By far the easiest way to make your marketing regular and high quality at no extra cost. “

Katja Mustonen Entrepreneur, RukaKo Oy Travel
Rukaon Katja Mustonen

“With Smoothly, we can regularly and affordably produce high-quality content for various marketing channels with our tone of voice.”

Juho Jokinen Co-Founder, Podit Oy
Poditin Juho Jokinen kaipasi sovelluksen lanseeraukseen avuksi lisäkäsiä markkinointiin.

“Fewer worries in day-to-day marketing, which allows us to focus on developing our business and marketing.”

Henri Hämäläinen A Chief Executive Officer, Contribyte Oy
Contribyten Henri Hämäläinen delegoi markkinointiviestinnän tehtävät Smoothlylle.